• 2024.7.01

    < products with price updates /2024 >

    candle                           ¥8,710  →  ¥9,100
    candle (gold,silver)             ¥9,360  →  ¥9,750
    room spray                       ¥4,940  →  ¥5,640
    desktop diffuser 25ml           ¥4,160 →  ¥4,550
    standard diffuser 300ml        ¥13,000 → ¥14,300
    (Does not include tax)
  • 2023.10.02

    < Our newest fragrance LYN* will be available to purchase starting on Tuesday, October 10th >

    LYN*:  invokes a cedarwood forest, with lush green notes rooted in a smoky, earthy floor of dried tree bark and musk. Wander deeper into the tall green woods to discover a sophisticated jasmine accord that completes the composition.

    Available in 6 product variations including fragrance candles, room sprays, diffusers and more. 

  • 2023.10.02

    < retaW store HARAJUKU renewal open >

    We are happy to announce that on October 7th, our flagship store will re-open in a spacious new location, just a short walk away from our old place. Come by to experience the expanded world of retaW fragrances, where superior quality is our philosophy.

     retaW store HARAJUKU

    Address : 1F 4-28-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    TEL : 03-6804-5470

    Open Day : 7th of October (sat) 12:00 (JST) 

    *The 1st of October  (Sunday) was the last day of business at the previous store, the store will be closed 2nd to the 6th of October.

  • 2022.7.01

    < Overseas Shipping Service >

    retaW web store now offers worldwide shipping service.
    *Please note some products cannot be shipped overseas.
    We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.